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Klaus Bamberg
Jewellery Beyond Adornment

Klaus Bamberg’s creative expression goes beyond  making jewelry exploring other dimensions of manual crafts.

Ovo progetto - altre opere - Klaus Bamberg Gioielli

OVO - PineconeGeometry catalizyzes order and energy.

The project, conceived in 2004, is based on the hypothesis that self-similar geometric structures like an egg or a pine cone are capacitors for Life Force.

Sri Yantra - altre opere - Klaus Bamberg Gioielli

Sri YantraSacred Geometry with trees

Bill Witherspoon’s work ( http://www.sriyantraresearch.com )  and Hans Jenny’s  Cymatics experiments (http://www.sriyantraresearch.com/Article/Om/om_sri_yantra_legend.html) inspired us (my wife/muse, her brother and me) back in 2006 to manifest a structure which measures 48 meters in diameter. The top and bottom corners are aligned along the North/South axis.

On each corner and intersection one can see little flowerbed-rings in which we planted small trees (oak, linden, ash and cherry). Around the perimeter we placed 16 cypresses. The (straight) connecting are 20 cm deep furrows that we filled with paramagnetic gravel from the quarry nearby.

The work was done completely by hand using strings, stakes and hoes.
The pictures were taken from about 350 meters height.

The Tree of Elements: Metal. In the metal spiral branch I also inserted pieces of copper, gold palladium, steel and bronze.
The Tree of Elements: Wood. The flower’s petals start from pentagons.
The Tree of Elements : Water. The colors  of the sea, those lightones close to the beach and the deep sea….on the right front the “cubistic” Yin-Yang.
The Tree of Elements: Water, Earth and the mountain with clouds in the background to the left.
The Tree of Elements. The tree-trunk entering from the garden.
The Tree of Elements: on the left the mountain with clouds on the right the Earth spiral.
The Tree of Elements: Fire, in front of our entry door.


MosaicThe Tree of the 5 Elements

On the surface of the former grain threshing area and now porch in front of our house I represented the five elements of Chinese cosmogony: Earth, Fire, Wood, Metal and Water, using the leftover tiles (and some more) of our new B&B building,